Retaining Past Clients

Help your agents stay top of mind so they receive repeat and referral business.

Learning Sprints

Our 15-minute learning sprints are hyper-focused on the skills agents need to succeed in real estate. Present a new lesson each week, or pick and choose the most relevant topic for your team.

Building a solid foundation in real estate is all about repeat and referral business. Explore four simple strategies to gain a client for life.

“Your real estate agent for life!” is a powerful statement that agents need to back up through actions, not just words. Discover fun ways to show clients that they are appreciated.

Keeping in touch with past clients leads to repeat and referral business. During this mini-mastermind session, agents will brainstorm effective ways to stay top-of-mind with past clients throughout the year.


Exceed your client's expectations - Spark & Logic

This learning sprint highlights multiple ways agents can make their past clients feel valued.

Monthly Goal Setting

Setting goals regularly is linked to improved performance and success. Each month we guide agents through a quick exercise that helps them set and achieve a personal and professional goal.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers share their industry expertise, present new perspectives, and provide useful connections. In addition, a new voice offering instruction adds value to your meetings.

Local Non-Profits

  • Explore how to give back to the community.

Product Experts/Representatives

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): How to stay in touch with past clients and SOI; best-performing content (i.e., market updates).
  • Closing Gifts: Ways to impress clients and stay top-of-mind.

Title Company Representative

  • How to ask for and leverage client testimonials.

Repeat/Referral Client

  • Share their experience doing repeat or referral business with one of your agents.
  • How to provide a personalized customer experience.

Home Inspector / Home Remodeling Contractor

  • Share information on home maintenance, improvements, or renovations that agents can share with their past clients/SOI.

Local Business Owner (Think outside the box; what other occupations depend on keeping past clients?)

  • How to stay top of mind with past customers.

Chamber of Commerce Representative

  • Share information about community events, new developments, or local news that might impact the local marketplace. Encourage agents to share this information with their past clients/SOI via their newsletter or in an email.

Agent or Staff

  • Communications that get the best response.
  • Unique and effective touchpoints.
  • Client appreciation events (type of event and outcome).
  • Referral program strategies, such as loyalty programs or referral rewards that incentivize past clients to recommend the agent’s services.

Spark Your Business

End your meeting on a positive note! The Spark Your Business marketing suggestions ensure the last thing agents remember from your meeting is that you gave them a simple tool to improve their business immediately.

Your referrals light up my day

Thomas Edison’s Birthday, February 11, 2024 (Pop By)

Your referrals light up my day! Create gift bags for your SOI containing LED night lights, energy-saving light bulbs, plastic light bulbs you can fill with candy, etc. Remember to include a couple of business cards and a clever tag.

Sample tag available from Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

You are the heart of my business

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024 (Pop By)

You are the heart of my business. Surprise your past clients and SOI with Valentine’s Day candy. Attach a clever tag and your business card.

Sample tag available from Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

I am bananas

National Banana Bread Day, February 23, 2024 (Pop By)

I am bananas about you and your referrals! Deliver your past clients a nicely wrapped mini loaf of homemade or store-bought banana bread. Attach a clever tag and your business card.

Example tag available from Esty seller MadeDesignCo.

Increased value of real estate. home investment planning real estate business income earning profit Investor thinking strategy.

Absorption Rate Letter (mail)

Send your contact list a letter that educates about the absorption rate for your local market and why it is important. Be sure to let them know you are available to answer any real estate questions.

TIP: Preparing a monthly absorption rate report for your local market is a good practice. Understanding the absorption rate in your market provides invaluable insights into the pace at which properties are selling and aids in informed pricing strategies. Sharing this with your clients will help guide them in their decision-making process.

Spring forward

Daylight Saving Time – Spring Forward (Email)

Send a friendly reminder to your email contacts to set their clocks ahead for the start of Daylight Saving Time!

Suggested Subject Line: Spring Forward: Set Your Clocks Ahead

Suggested Email Text:

Hi <insert name>, Friendly reminder from your neighborhood real estate agent: it’s that time of year again! Don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead for daylight saving time. And hey, if you’re considering buying or selling a home, let’s chat about making the most of that extra hour of daylight in finding your dream home or showcasing your property’s best features!

TIP: If you don’t already have an email signature, now’s a good time to create a professional one. And if you do have one, verify that it still accurately reflects your brand.

A Look Ahead

March: Prospecting

In March, we focus on effective prospecting methods that help your agents avoid income peaks and valleys and maintain a steady stream of customers.

Sales Meetings