Agents are the backbone of your company’s connection to clients. Leading through action is vital – your example amplifies your message. Encouraging agents to personalize interactions and maintain consistent follow-ups is the foundation upon which trust and loyalty are built. Does your company offer a robust CRM program, and are you actively engaged with it?

During your first quarter sales meetings, Spark & Logic recommends training focused on client retention. Here are some meeting ideas

  1. Retention Strategies: Engage agents in activities and ideas that help them stay connected with past clients – newsletters, client events, and sharing relevant real estate updates, to name a few.
  2. Communication Calendar Brainstorm: Ask agents to share their best practices for creating communication calendars that provide consistent touchpoints. There’s a valuable mini-mastermind available in February’s Spark & Logic Learning Sprints. Agents learn best from their peers.
  3. Interactive Database Workshop: Ask agents to bring their client databases (digital or physical). Identify essential information for each contact, such as birthdays, anniversaries, social media profiles, and recent conversations. Make sure each contact has as much information stored as possible. Encourage agents to brainstorm how diverse information can be utilized – sending greetings for special occasions is one example. How might connecting on social media provide insights?
  4. Share Successes: Ask agents to share a personal story that shows how they leveraged information in their client database that resulted in a transaction.

Simple ideas and practical implementation activities will help agents tap into the best lead source – their past clients! The goal is to foster a “client for life” approach to business!