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About Spark & Logic

Sales meetings that work.

We aim to redefine the narrative surrounding sales meetings by helping brokers consistently deliver exceptional value, foster a culture of continuous learning, and provide a platform for meaningful connections.


It does not matter how great a program’s content is if it is not easy to implement. User-friendly, relevant resources are a Spark & Logic priority.


We want you to be the hero of your sales meetings. We give you valuable meeting content AND tools to lead your agents into action.


Every dollar counts when you run a small business. We strive to ensure the value of your subscription outshines the cost.

Mission Statement & Values

Spark & Logic helps real estate companies bring inspiration and productivity to every sales meeting.

Customer Commitment

We understand that our success is intrinsically linked to the satisfaction and success of those we serve.


We believe that individual brilliance is amplified when combined with the collective strength of a united team.


We value intellectual curiosity and encourage the lifelong pursuit of expertise.


We prioritize a harmonious equilibrium across all aspects of life for our team and customers.

Meet the team.

We have a lifetime of real estate industry experience, the perfect blend of skills, and an aligned vision. For over a decade, our friendship and mutual respect grew as we collaborated on learning events and celebrations for a major real estate brand. Spark & Logic became our dream. We always said, “we should…” 2020 made it easy to say, “let’s go for it!”

  • Danielle Fogel
    Danielle Fogel
  • Laurie Popp
    Laurie Popp

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Danielle Fogel

Danielle Fogel grew up in Grand Haven, a picturesque beach town on the shore of Lake Michigan. While most teenagers were earning spending money scooping ice cream or selling t-shirts, Danielle was painting gold posts and installing for sale signs for the local CENTURY 21 office, her father’s business. The entire family chipped in, and at a young age, she learned firsthand the delicate balancing act between work and life in the real estate industry.

After pursuing a degree in Natural Resources and the Environment from the University of Michigan, Danielle worked in nonprofit communications, where she honed her ability to use written words and visuals to inspire action.

An entrepreneur at heart, Danielle tapped into her uncanny ability to harness the power of the moment and started Clever Bird Events. She helps businesses and nonprofits inspire, engage, and elevate their constituents. For nearly two decades, Century 21 has contracted Danielle to plan large-scale regional events and facilitate the association for franchise brokerages.

Danielle met her partner, Laurie Popp, while planning Century 21’s events. The two instantly found that they are better together. Laurie’s extensive real estate knowledge is the yin to Danielle’s creative yang. Their common ground is their sincere desire to help real estate company owners succeed. Together they identified where they could help most and created Spark & Logic.

Danielle is happiest when exploring the outdoors with her husband and two sons. She loves living in Spring Lake, Michigan, where a dip in Lake Michigan or a stroll along the beach is always an option. Danielle has an adventurous spirit and enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures, and marveling at the world’s beauty.

Laurie Popp

Laurie comes to the organization with over 30 years of vast knowledge and growth in the real estate industry. Her passion for helping people is demonstrated in her business and personal life. Laurie is an advocate for people with disabilities and participates in Special Olympics, all while continuing to provide companies with information/training on how to optimize growth within. Laurie brings her 30 years as a real estate agent, Director of Agent Development, and Sr. Director of Affiliate Engagement, working with brokers around the nation, providing opportunities for affordable growth and retention.

As a former executive Vice President with Century 21 Real Estate, Laurie saw the need for a company to provide white-label content designed specifically for real estate owners. Knowing that an owner’s time is in high demand, she knew outsourcing agent training and sales meeting content would be essential for companies who wanted high-quality interactions with their agents. Laurie partnered with a colleague with the same passion and is excited to offer high-end agent training and tangible marketing for successful company growth.