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About Spark & Logic

A framework for success.

The most profitable real estate companies consistently educate and engage their agents. Using in-house staff to do this effectively is not always feasible or realistic. We created Spark & Logic to help companies create superior learning cultures.


It does not matter how great a program’s content is if it is not easy to implement. User-friendly, relevant resources are a Spark & Logic priority.


So often, we learn great things only to fail at putting them into practice. Our goal is not only to inspire and educate but enable practical application.


Every dollar counts when you run a small business. We strive to ensure the value of our service outshines the cost.

Mission Statement & Values

Spark & Logic helps real estate companies create learning cultures that attract loyal agents who service happy clients.

Customer Commitment

We are invested in relationships and our members' success.


We believe everyone benefits when we lift each other up.


We do innovative work that makes our friends and families proud.


We work tirelessly to ensure we exist where our skills, needs, and interests intersect.

Meet the team.

We have a lifetime of real estate industry experience, the perfect blend of skills, and an aligned vision. For over a decade, our friendship and mutual respect grew as we collaborated on learning events and celebrations for a major real estate brand. Spark & Logic became our dream. We always said, “we should…” 2020 made it easy to say, “let’s go for it!”

  • Danielle Fogel
    Danielle Fogel
  • Laurie Popp
    Laurie Popp

Ignite your company learning culture.

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Danielle Fogel

Danielle Fogel is a skilled event planner who crafts memorable experiences.  She has an uncanny ability to identify and harness the power of the moment.  Clever Bird Events, her event planning company, creatively helps businesses and nonprofits inspire, engage, and elevate their constituents.

With previous experience in nonprofit communications, Danielle expertly uses written words and visuals to inspire action. Furthermore, she understands the value of personal relationships and the positive impact partnerships have on achieving goals and objectives.

For nearly two decades, Danielle has been contracted by CENTURY 21 to plan large-scale regional events and facilitate the association for franchise brokerages.  She has proven to be adept at managing complicated, multifaceted projects.  She is a visionary who understands the big picture, can articulate objectives, and is adaptable to unexpected changes along the way.

Danielle values the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners.  Growing up with a family-owned real estate franchise, she acknowledges and respects the level of dedication it takes to thrive in the real estate industry.

Danielle is happiest when exploring the outdoors with her husband and two sons.  She loves living in Spring Lake, Michigan, where a dip in Lake Michigan or a stroll along the beach is always an option.  Danielle has an adventurer’s spirit and enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures, and marveling at the world’s beauty.

Laurie Popp

Laurie Popp is the CEO of Popp Logic Consulting, LLC in Brighton, Michigan. Her career has encompassed multiple facets of the real estate industry, including relocation, recruiting, operations and management. Laurie is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed in business. Her integrity, insight, and effervescent personality make her a sought-after speaker in real estate.

In the early 2000s, Laurie realized that her technology and real estate backgrounds were advantageous to her clients and fellow agents. She began to offer her help to agents who were struggling with how to leverage technology. In 2007, Laurie joined the corporate team of a large franchise where she oversaw business development for owners and agents across the United States.  For over 20 years, Laurie has led top-rated workshops for owners and their senior management teams, as well as agents that have enriched the lives of thousands of professionals.

Finding satisfaction in helping others attain new skills and achieve their goals, Laurie inspires her students and ensures that they understand how to apply what they have learned practically.

After raising three children as a single mom, family means a lot to Laurie.  Her middle child, Heather, was born with Down Syndrome, and Laurie became her advocate.  Laurie gives back to her community as a volunteer with several non-profit organizations.  Laurie enjoys photography, and her rescued feral cats are willing models! Laurie lives in Brighton, Michigan, with her husband and daughter.