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The Program

Recruit and retain the best

Make learning part of your company culture.

Knowledgeable agents who feel valued are the foundation of company success.  Spark & Logic’s intentional approach to sales meetings encourages personal and professional development, promotes collaboration, and fosters curiosity.  We add to your value package, allowing you to outshine the competition and attract and retain talented agents.

Tailored to Agent Needs

We have a plan.

You don’t have to decide when it makes the most sense to cover specific topics. We do that for you. Our program is structured on quarterly objectives essential to real estate success. This strategic approach makes it easy to delegate tasks and customize meetings.

Quarterly Themes

Relevant content sets agents up for success.

An easy solution at your fingertips

Exceptional Value

Subscriptions start at $99 per month for two users. For less than $25 a week, you receive sales meeting assets that elevate your company learning culture. Subscribe today and set your team up for success.

Sales Meeting Resources

Agendas, PowerPoint presentations, and talking points for in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings.

Learning Sprints

Educational videos or activities for each meeting that give agents valuable bite-sized tools and tips.

Spark Your Business

Easy-to-implement marketing suggestions your agents can do TODAY to keep their pipeline full.

Communications Support

Monthly task calendars and email templates for proactive planning and agent communications.

Invest in your company’s success


Try before you commit! We’re offering a 7-day trial with zero risk. If you aren’t fully satisfied, cancel before your trial ends, and your credit card will not be charged.

Tier One
Single Office or Team

Vibrant company with plans for success

2 User Accounts

Monthly Investment

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Tier Two
Growing Company

Two or three office locations, support staff

3 to 5 User Accounts

Monthly Investment

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Tier Three
Regional Power House

Several locations, multiple managers, dedicated training staff

6 to 10 User Accounts

Monthly Investment

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Tier Four
Expansive Empire

Vast geographic footprint, shared resources, extensive staff

11 to 15 User Accounts

Monthly Investment

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Please contact us at if you require more than 15 user accounts.

All subscribers have access to these superior benefits:

  • Curated resources for effective, relevant, and consistent sales meetings that can be delivered in person, virtually, or hybrid.
  • A robust resource library containing an entire year’s worth of agent engagement resources for all of our quarterly themes.

Ignite your sales meetings.

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