July: Time Management

Help your agents create systems and habits that allow for efficient use of time and improved business practices.

Learning Sprints

Our Learning Sprint videos (15 minutes or less) are hyper-focused on the skills agents need to succeed in real estate. Present a new lesson each week, or pick and choose the most relevant topic for your team.

Time management is a learned skill. This learning sprint explores seven tips that allow you to take control of your time.

7 Tips for Better Time Management Worksheet

In this Learning Sprint, agents will learn how to deconstruct social media marketing tasks, effectively allocate time blocks for each task, and take command of their online marketing strategy. Participants will gain practical insights on increasing productivity, improving efficiency, and establishing clear priorities.

Pop by marketing can be a lucrative lead generation source. Learn creative ways to tap into your SOI and past clients and increase your business.

Leveraging systems, processes, and checklists can help you run a successful business. During this learning sprint, we explore strategies that save you time and help you meet your clients’ needs.

Monthly Goal Setting

Take control of your future by setting goals.  This simple act keeps you motivated, accountable, and focused.  When we write down goals monthly, setting and, more importantly, achieving goals becomes a habit.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers share their industry expertise, present new perspectives, and provide useful connections. In addition, a new voice offering instruction adds value to your meetings.

Productivity Coach or Consultant

  • Identifying and reducing time wasters.
  • Strategies for prioritizing tasks and managing your daily schedule.
  • Tools and apps for automating routine tasks and reducing administrative work.

Social Media Influencer

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and best practices.
  • Benefits of time blocking for social media.
  • Content creation process.

Professional Organizer

  • Tips for batching similar tasks to increase efficiency.
  • Building self-discipline and creating habits to enhance productivity.

Time Management Expert

  • Methods for minimizing distractions and staying focused.
  • Techniques for delegating tasks to team members or assistants.
  • Time blocking and calendar management best practices.
  • Establishing priorities and goals.

Top Agent or Manager

  • Balancing prospecting, marketing, and client service activities.

Tech Person

  • Leveraging technology to streamline tasks.

Spark Your Business

End your meeting on a positive note! The Spark Your Business marketing suggestions ensure the last thing agents remember from your meeting is that you gave them a simple tool to improve their business immediately.

Watermelon Pop By Tag Square

National Watermelon Day, August 3, 2024 (pop by)

Clients like you are one in a melon! Purchase several small watermelons at your local Farmers’ Market. Tape a clever tag to the melon that includes your name and contact information, or attach a small envelope with three to four of your business cards. Deliver to nearby past clients and SOI.

 Sample tag available from Etsy seller Systems and Solutions. Use code SPARK25 for a 25% discount.

POP BY Need a New Backyard Square

National Spoil Your Dog Day, August 10, 2024 (pop by)

Need a new backyard? Identify past clients and SOI connections who are dog owners. Surprise them with a small gift bag with dog treats, a squeaky toy, and a tennis ball. Attach a clever tag and a few business cards.

 Sample tag available from Etsy seller RookieREAgent.

Blue Simple Real Estate Newsletter

Newsletter: Summer Trends in Real Estate (mail or email)

Create an electronic or print newsletter that focuses on summer trends in real estate, such as what buyers and sellers need to know about the summer market. Articles may include current trends such as types of properties in demand and average selling prices, tips for selling your home in the late-summer market, and the benefits of buying a home before the school year starts. Add photos where possible to make the newsletter visually appealing. This type of marketing has a long shelf life, and recipients may share it with their family, friends, and neighbors. Programs like Canva, Google Docs, and Adobe offer free templates.

RE Trends Facebook Post

Summer Trends Social Media Posts

Create social media posts focusing on summer real estate trends, such as what buyers and sellers need to know. Articles may include types of properties in demand and average selling prices, tips for selling your home in the late summer market, and the benefits of buying a home before the school year starts.

Virtual Neighborhood Tour

Virtual Neighborhood Tour on Social Media

Create engaging virtual tours of neighborhoods where you have listings or specialize. Highlight not just the homes for sale but also local amenities, schools, parks, and community events. You can conduct these tours live on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, allowing viewers to ask questions and interact with you in real-time. Promote these tours through targeted social media advertising and email campaigns to attract potential buyers and sellers interested in those areas. Tour videos showcase your local market knowledge and position you as a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell in those neighborhoods. The best part is that a live video remains available even after the livestream has concluded.

A Look Ahead

August: Tools

In August, we will focus on tools that help agents grow their businesses, exploring how technology can automate tasks like data gathering and marketing. Learning Sprint topics include AI in real estate, text messaging strategies, and a mastermind on industry innovations.

Sales Meeting Toolkits