Laurie comes to the organization with over 30 years of vast knowledge and growth in the real estate industry. Her passion for helping people is demonstrated in her business and personal life. Laurie is an advocate for people with disabilities and participates in Special Olympics, all while continuing to provide companies with information/training on how to optimize growth within. Laurie brings her 30 years as a real estate agent, Director of Agent Development, and Sr. Director of Affiliate Engagement, working with brokers around the nation, providing opportunities for affordable growth and retention.

As a former executive Vice President with Century 21 Real Estate, Laurie saw the need for a company to provide white-label content designed specifically for real estate owners. Knowing that an owner’s time is in high demand, she knew outsourcing agent training and sales meeting content would be essential for companies who wanted high-quality interactions with their agents. Laurie partnered with a colleague with the same passion and is excited to offer high-end agent training and tangible marketing for successful company growth.