Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Conduct Powerful Sales Meetings

During the pandemic, many real estate sales associates discovered they could work more efficiently from home. Gone was the need to go into an office. Work became more solitary, outside of being with their clients. Not having to dress up (or dress at all!) to come into the office, fewer automobile expenses, and the ability to keep up with household tasks, to name just a few of the working from home perks, have made it more challenging than ever to connect with the agents.

Connecting with your agents is critical for retention, as well as for building a solid company culture. So, what can you do to entice agents back into the office, even if only for a few hours a week? Provide them with effective sales meetings, workshops that don’t require an entire day to attend, and fun and rewarding contests that will bring everyone together again.

I can hear the feedback already, “But my agents don’t like sales meetings.” Perhaps creating engaging meeting content is not your forte, or you don’t have the necessary time to research and create relevant content. Over the last few decades, most sales meetings I’ve attended have proven to be lackluster and are strictly verbal. Most adult learners prefer their various senses to attract their attention. This means there need to be creative visuals and mixed media used, like video, seat work, music, brainstorming, and entertainment. Edu-tain has been a buzzword for over ten years. People want to be educated and entertained at the same time to keep their attention.

Another important factor, consider that the agents need to hear the same information from a variety of sources. If the only voice they hear during a sales meeting is yours, you risk the “Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice” where the agents see your mouth move but only hear “wah wah-wah-wah wah.” How often have you talked about an essential piece of information, and when your agents go to a seminar or class, and the instructor tells them the same information, they come back to you asking why you never mentioned it! It’s not your fault; your strengths are in recruiting, mentoring, and putting out fires. Delegating or outsourcing weekly and monthly tasks allows you more time to focus on your strengths, which helps you grow your business.

How can you best leverage your time with agents to build culture, create energy, and maintain focus on your company goals? The answer is through the power of planning, strategic connections, and easy preparation. This may be the time to outsource your sales meeting content, monthly workshops, and quarterly contests to a team of professionals who excel in this area. Check out Spark & Logic. You can kick the tires free for seven days when you subscribe. If you don’t find the ideal material beneficial for your company, you can cancel your subscription before the seven days are up, and you will not be billed.

Another benefit of subscribing to Spark & Logic is that you can delegate the sales meeting or training to a manager and know that they’ll confidently present the material. Each meeting and workshop comes with instructions on how to best leverage the material. For those with multiple offices, having all the offices in step with each allows you to more easily keep your company’s vision and mission consistent while still allowing each office to add their flavor to their sales meetings.

Now is the time to build upon your company’s culture, earn the agents’ loyalty, and become a destination company for real estate professionals. When you are part of a culture that is a good fit, better relationships are developed, which promotes productivity.

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