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The Value of Pop By Marketing

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to connect with your clients and bring in new business, consider doing pop bys! These low-cost gifts ($1 – $5) offer real estate agents the opportunity to drop by a client’s home or business and build a relationship through face-to-face interactions. It’s a simple way to find out what’s new in their life, answer real estate questions, and give them a special way to remember you.

Your real estate pop bys can be done seasonally, such as sparklers for July 4th or apples in the fall. You can consider targeting different groups for each pop by, such as previous buyers or sellers, family, friends, or neighbors. Most importantly, they will recognize you as a real estate expert, so that you become their trusted source for advice. Marketing with pop bys doesn’t need to be a sales-y or an expensive investment. They need to be authentic to the clients you serve and want to attract.

About the Author

Andrea Pearlstein, Front Porch Portraits

Besides creating fun and useful marketing printables for realtors, Andrea Pearlstein is a portrait artist and librarian. In her house portraits, she captures each home’s story in art. Her whimsical style flows from her admiration of picture book illustrators. Use discount code SPARK20 to receive a 20% discount at Andrea’s Etsy store.