A career in real estate provides independence, unlimited earning potential, and fulfilling opportunities to help people navigate the investment of a lifetime. What many agents fail to realize, however, is that when they became an agent, they started a business.

Unlike salespeople in other industries, real estate agents are independent contractors and don’t have the luxury of being an employee that is also paid a commission. Real estate agents need to think like entrepreneurs. They are responsible for all aspects of their business – prospecting, bookkeeping, marketing, creating policies and procedures, ensuring an outstanding customer experience, and more.

Empower your agents.

As a broker or manager, you do more than help agents successfully navigate transactions. You must empower agents to build successful businesses that provide long-term payouts. We recommend giving the following areas ample attention in company meetings and education sessions:

Sustainable Growth

Help your agents avoid income peaks and valleys by keeping their pipeline full. Agents should constantly explore ways to attract new business and retain past clients.

Efficient Systems

The most successful businesses run like clockwork. What procedures and systems can you help your agents implement to generate leads, manage listings, and outperform the competition?

Resource Maximization

As entrepreneurs, agents take on financial risk without immediate payouts. How can you help them maximize their time, technology, and marketing investments?

Proactive Solutions

Profitable businesses anticipate what is coming and have a clear plan for achieving milestones. Help your agents succeed by guiding them through the process of setting goals, creating a business plan, understanding risks and threats, and having a financial strategy.

Spark & Logic can help.

Spark & Logic’s sales meeting resources help you empower agents to be successful entrepreneurs. Please email us at info@sparkandlogic.com or schedule a private demo to learn how Spark & Logic can elevate your company’s value package.