When the real estate market gets busy, agents are pulled in many directions simultaneously. Helping agents implement time management skills can reduce stress, keep deals on track, and avoid missed deadlines. Their business will thrive, and so will yours! Here are three ideas you can use to support your agents.

  1. Use your sales meetings to help your agents improve their time management skills.Identify Repetitive Tasks: Encourage agents to identify tasks they repeat frequently. It may be beneficial to create a system that is repeatable and sustainable. Can any of these tasks be delegated? Perhaps a virtual assistant would free up time for higher dollar-producing activities.
  2. Establish Checklists & Systems: Outlining tasks, deadlines, and activities can be easily converted into a checklist or system. It supports the timely completion of tasks, eliminates wasted time, and helps agents stay productive.
  3. Develop Time Tracking Methods: Encourage agents to track their time. Having a record of what they are working on and for how long they are doing it can encourage better use of time. It also allows them to see which activities demand their time the most and look for opportunities to streamline the process. Free apps like Toggl are helpful and easy to use.

Consider a group brainstorm on one of these time management topics at your next sales meeting. Better yet, provide an education session that walks agents through time management systems and best practices. You build loyalty when you help your agents thrive in all aspects of their business. If you want inspiration and sales meeting content, subscribe to Spark & Logic and let us be your guide.