Next week, Laurie and I plan to participate in the Michigan RealtorsĀ® Broker Summit. We are bound to make some great new connections and gain valuable industry updates.

However, attending an all-day industry event is a significant investment of financial resources and time. Rather than simply showing up and taking what we can get, we have a plan of what we hope to walk away with. Setting clear objectives allows us to fully leverage attendance, maximize our return on investment, and decide if attending again next year makes sense.

Here are some recommendations for what brokers and managers can set out to gain from industry events (printable notes sheet to use at the event):

  • Sales Meeting Topics: It can be a challenge to consistently deliver educational value at each of your sales meetings (unless, of course, you subscribe to Spark & Logic šŸ˜Š). Make a note of ideas, tools, updates, or guest speakers to highlight at future meetings.
  • New Tools/Ideas to Explore: Every industry event I have attended has introduced me to at least one new tool or resource that could improve my business. Write down these new tools. Note what piqued your interest, who recommended it, and where to get more information. Your notes will make implementation easier when you get back to the office.
  • Social Media Posts: Use updates and information shared at industry events in your social media posts to establish yourself and your company as an industry expert.
  • New Network Connections: Building and maintaining a solid network can lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and insights. As you meet new people, note important details from your conversations so that you can further your relationships through social media, emails, and phone calls when you return to the office.

Capitalize on your conference attendance. Every connection made and every insight gained paves the way for your professional growth.

Danielle Fogel of Spark & Logic

About the Author

Danielle Fogel’s background is in communications and event planning. Century 21 contracted her for nearly two decades to plan large-scale regional events and facilitate the association for franchise brokerages. Danielle understands how to use events such as sales meetings to build relationships and foster growth. Growing up within a family-owned real estate franchise, she recognizes the dedication it takes to thrive in the industry.