What gets measured gets managed. This is true for something as simple as your supply closet inventory to as complex as your company’s agents. When you consistently track agent production, you are better prepared to support their success. And agent success is directly related to company profit. So, what numbers should you track for your agents?

  • Look for these statistics: Listings Taken, Closed Sales, Closed GCI.
  • You will want to track an agent’s YOY against your company’s stats in these areas. The case for monitoring agent production and benchmarking it against YOY production and average office production is that you can avoid a potentially harmful downward turn in an agent’s output.
  • In addition, make sure agents identify where closed leads came from. If past clients offer a more lucrative source of closed leads, avoiding paying for third-party lead generators might make sense. The better an agent understands which lead sources generate the highest ROI, the sooner they can proactively engage those sources.

Incorporate the evaluation of data into your sales meetings and use the results to guide the training you offer. Spark & Logic subscribers have access to a robust library of short Learning Sprint videos and resources that help you connect the dots and support agent growth. Furthermore, once you know an individual agent’s numbers, you will be better prepared to mentor them one-on-one.

Make tracking agent production data a habit and use this information to give personalized support. If you do, you can undoubtedly expand “what gets measured, gets managed” by adding a few other results you may experience, such as “gets improved,” “gets rewarded,” and “gets done!”