Escort Your Tech-Reluctant Agent into the Digital AgeEscort Your Tech-Reluctant Agent into the Digital Age

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, embracing technology gives agents a competitive edge. But not all agents are excited to welcome tech into their business. Learning something new can be overwhelming, especially when an agent’s plate is full. Our advice is to help your agent start small.

  1. Identify a Challenge: Assist your tech-reluctant agent in identifying one area where technology can solve a current challenge (see below for ideas).
  2. Find a Tech Solution: Work with your agent to find a tool that solves their problem. If you don’t know the solution, ask all of your agents to brainstorm during a sales meeting. Your team is an excellent source of information. Furthermore, other agents may find benefit too.
  3. Help Them Get Started: Provide (or help identify) the resources your agent needs to learn how to use the tech. Consider asking another agent or industry partner who uses the tool to be a mentor.
  4. Make Sure it is Used: Keep your agent accountable. Follow up and ask how it is going. Help your agent establish goals and prioritize using the new tool.

Here are a few challenges technology may solve for your tech-reluctant agent.

  • Staying in Touch: Communication preferences differ from person to person. Encourage agents to ask clients up front what their preferred means of communication is. Could technology help your agent stay in touch with current, past, and potential clients better?
    • Smartphones, social media platforms, and instant messaging apps make it easy to connect instantly. Would adopting a new app help your agent stay connected?
    • Written communication (snail mail or email) is important but can be time-consuming, especially for someone who doesn’t enjoy writing. Would your agent benefit from using ChatGPT to draft letters and generate ideas? How about a program like Grammarly to ensure their communications are grammatically correct and professional?
  • Social Media Presence: Social media provides a powerful platform for connecting with potential clients, showcasing property listings, and staying top-of-mind. Does your agent need help getting started on a particular platform? If they already use social media, could they leverage videos to take their profiles to the next level?
  • Increased Efficiency: Technology helps agents streamline operations by automating and simplifying tasks. Where would your agent benefit from increased efficiency?
    • CRMs are essential for organizing and managing client information, tracking leads, and scheduling appointments. Could your agent use their current system more effectively? If they don’t have a CRM, should they?
    • Virtual tour platforms enable agents to showcase properties remotely, saving time and effort for both the agent and the client. Would virtual tours be a good fit for your agent?
  • Enhanced Knowledge: Technology empowers real estate agents to stay informed and motivated. Agents can access information through online platforms, webinars, and industry-specific apps. Would enhanced knowledge benefit your agent?

Embracing technology can be uncomfortable for some real estate agents, but it is paramount in today’s digital era. Countless tools allow agents to work smarter, not harder. Sometimes, an agent just needs a helping hand to get started.