Taking an active role in your agents’ successes builds loyalty and encourages growth.

Taking an active role in your agents’ successes builds loyalty and encourages growth. A recent Forbes article written by Anthony Hitt, President and CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas,  reported that “When agents were asked what they were least satisfied with at their current brokerages, 67% of respondents cited a lack of one-on-one coaching and mentorship.”  Whether or not your company has a formal mentorship program, there is substantial value to regularly checking in with your agents.

Asking simple, open-ended questions prompts meaningful conversations and gives insights into how you can offer better support. Spark & Logic’s sales meeting activities, workshops, and contests provide ample opportunities to check in with your team. Below are some dialog scenarios to help improve your mentoring conversations.

Manager/Agent dialogue scenarios for the open-ended question: How is your goal of “X” coming along?

Scenario 1: Time Constraints

  • Agent:  I haven’t had time to work on it.
  • Manager:  Tell me more.
  • Agent: I wasn’t able to make any progress on “X.”
  • Manager: What has stood in your way?
  • Agent: I am too busy with my current clients.
  • Manager: What’s at stake for you to lose or gain?

Scenario 2: Change of Plans

  • Agent: I’m not working on that goal any longer.
  • Manager: What has changed since last we met?

Scenario 3: Overwhelm

  • Agent: I don’t know.
  • Manager: What would it be if you did know?

Tip: Silence on your side can be a powerful tool. Don’t rush to feel an awkward silence.

Scenario 4: Success

  • Agent: I already achieved it.
  • Manager: What steps did you take to get there?
  • Manager: What comes next?
  • Manager: How can you build upon this success?

Other good open-ended follow up questions:

  • Tell me more.
  • For example?
  • What’s your ideal outcome?
  • What’s going to try to get in your way?

A powerful question to wrap up a mentoring session:

Given everything we’ve talked about, what’s the most important next step you can take to achieve your “x” goal?