Financial Strategies

Spark & Logic’s November Sales Meetings focus on developing financial strategies that support success.

Spark & Logic’s Plan for the Year

Learning Sprints

Our 15-minute learning sprints are hyper-focused on the skills agents need to succeed in real estate. Present a new lesson each week, or pick and choose the most relevant topic for your team.

Create a Budget Like a Pro

An organized and up-to-date budget plan can help agents master the process of projecting income and expenses. This learning sprint showcases tools that help agents calculate monthly expenses, identify target GCI, calculate needed production, and know the value of their time.

Exit Strategy: Succession Planning

During this learning sprint, agents learn the benefits of having an exit strategy and explore succession planning as one possible approach.

Business Planning: Visioning

Vision boards provide clear direction and allow agents to visualize their goals. This learning sprint offers step-by-step instructions for creating a vision board that will be a constant reminder of their priorities.

Monthly Goal Setting

Setting goals regularly is linked to improved performance and success. Each month we guide agents through a quick exercise that helps them set and achieve a personal and professional goal.

Guest Speakers

Spark Your Business

End your meetings on a positive note! Each month we suggest fun pop-bys and other creative ways to Spark Your Business and build brand awareness.

National Donut Day, November 5th (Pop By)

Reach out to your SOI with a small bag of donuts.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

Veterans Day (November 11th) Community Service

Donate your time to help honor those who served. Ideas include volunteering with the VFW, dropping off treats for the Veterans Home staff, or helping at the local Veterans Day celebration.

National Computer Security Day, November 30th

Email your SOI and past clients tips for staying safe online. Check out this Blue Voyant blog post for information on the top 5 cybercrimes affecting businesses and individuals in 2022.

Football Season Pop By

Give past clients a gift bag with football-themed goodies such as a small football, snacks, or a tabletop football game.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.


Your monthly workshop dives deeper into ideas and concepts covered during sales meeting learning sprints.  Designed to last an hour or less, these sessions are ideal for lunch hour training at your office.

Agent “Hot Seat” Mastermind

One agent per group is in the “Hot Seat” during this mastermind workshop. After the Hot Seat Agent explains a business challenge they are facing, their group brainstorms solutions. The Hot Seat Agent remains quiet and writes down all suggestions, whether they agree with them or not. The group’s fresh perspectives often provide solutions the agent would not have thought of on their own.

A Look Ahead

December Sales Meetings: Risk Management

In December, we will focus on keeping agents and their clients safe. Topics will include identifying risks, personal safety, cyber security, and open house safety.


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