Time Management

Spark & Logic’s July Sales Meetings focus on developing systems and habits that allow for efficient use of time and improved business practices.

July Task Calendar, Spark & Logic’s Plan for the Year

Learning Sprints

Our 15-minute learning sprints are hyper-focused on skills agents need to succeed in real estate. Present a new lesson each week, or pick and choose the most relevant videos for your team.

Monthly Goal Setting

Setting goals regularly is linked to improved performance and success.  Each month we guide agents through a quick exercise that helps them set and achieve a personal and professional goal.

Essential Time Management Skills

Learn essential skills for effective and efficient time management. Discover how to improve, evaluate, and enhance your processes and systems.

7 Tips for Better Time Management

Time management is a learned skill. This learning sprint explores seven tips that allow agents to take control of their time.

Maximize Your Pop Bys

Pop By marketing can be a lucrative lead generation source. Learn creative ways to tap into your SOI and past clients and increase your business.

Lunch & Learn Workshop

Your monthly workshop dives deeper into ideas and concepts covered during sales meeting learning sprints.  Designed to last approximately 30-minute, these sessions are ideal for lunch hour training at your office.

Find Freedom Through Systems

Help agents understand the importance of leveraging systems, processes, and checklists. Attendees will come away with several ideas for streamlining their business. In addition, a brainstorming session encourages agents to collaborate and build a specific checklist or template they can implement immediately.

Spark Your Business

End your meetings on a positive note! Each month we suggest fun pop-bys and other creative ways to Spark Your Business and build brand awareness.

National Lollipop Day Pop-By (July 20, 2022)

Deliver past clients and your SOI a bouquet of lollipops!

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Pop-By (August 4, 2022)

Drop off homemade chocolate chip cookies wrapped in cellophane to past clients.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

National Happiness Happens Day Pop-By (August 8, 2022)

Make your SOI happy by delivering heart-shaped cookies or candies.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

Past Buyer CMA Mailing
  1. Select three past buyers who have lived in their homes for 5 to 7 years.
  2. Prepare each homeowner a CMA and customize it by adding a current home photo to the report cover.
  3. Prepare and include an Absorption Rate Report (instructions).
  4. In your letter, let your past client know that, given the current market, you want to share valuable information on their home’s potential value. Be sure to end the letter by asking if they know anyone looking to buy or sell and that you will provide their referrals with the same quality service you provided to them.
  5. Hand address the envelope and include 2 or 3 business cards.


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