Attracting New Business

Spark & Logic’s January Sales Meetings focus on attracting new clients and maintaining a steady stream of business.

Spark & Logic’s Plan for the Year

Meeting Resources

Learning Sprints

Our 15-minute learning sprints are hyper-focused on the skills agents need to succeed in real estate. Present a new lesson each week, or pick and choose the most relevant topic for your team.

Attracting New Customers

Explore eight methods for building your client roster.

Find Your Real Estate Niche

Investigate five opportunities to find your real estate niche.

5 Tips for Real Estate Prospecting

This learning sprint showcases five effective prospecting techniques agents can put into immediate application.

Monthly Goal Setting

Setting goals regularly is linked to improved performance and success. Each month we guide agents through a quick exercise that helps them set and achieve a personal and professional goal.

Guest Speakers

Spark Your Business

End your meetings on a positive note! Each month we suggest fun pop-bys and other creative ways to Spark Your Business and build brand awareness.

National “Cut Your Energy Costs” Day, January 10th (Pop By)

Give past clients a gift bag with several energy-efficient light bulbs or night light bulbs. Consider creating and including a marketing piece (large post-card size) with helpful tips to cut energy costs. Examples are changing furnace filters as recommended, keeping the dryer door closed when not in use, using motion sensor light switches, and checking out your utility’s website for promotions and tips.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

National Popcorn Day, January 18th (Pop By)

Deliver small gift bags filled with a variety of microwave popcorn, popcorn seasoning, or a small bag of gourmet pre-popped popcorn.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

Warm Winter Wishes (Pop By)

Surprise your SOI with a gift bag containing packets of gourmet coffee, tea, soup mix, hot cocoa, or hot cider.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

Closing Statements

Email or mail clients who closed in 2022 the closing statement they will need for their income tax return. Ideally, you want to get these out before January 31st. Craft a cover letter touching on how much you enjoyed working with them and thank them for trusting you to help them through the process. Tell them why you included a copy of their closing statement (“As you gather tax documents, you’ll want your closing statement handy as you complete your tax return”). Extend an offer to help them with any questions or additional real estate needs. Make sure to include a couple of your business cards.


Your monthly workshop dives deeper into ideas and concepts covered during sales meeting learning sprints.  Designed to last an hour or less, these sessions are ideal for lunch-hour training at your office.

Hold an Open House by Design, Not by Accident

Agents will learn how to host a well-attended open house that allows the listing to shine while connecting them to potential new clients!

A Look Ahead

February Sales Meetings: Retaining Old Business

In February, we help agents keep in touch with past clients so they remain top of mind and receive repeat business and referrals. Learning sprints will focus on client retention and delivering outstanding customer experiences.


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