Lead Generation & Management

Spark & Logic’s April sales meetings focus on developing efficient and effective lead generation and management systems. Help your agents maintain a steady stream of new customers.

Learning Sprints

Our 15-minute learning sprints are hyper-focused on the skills agents need to succeed in real estate. Present a new lesson each week, or pick and choose the most relevant topic for your team.

5 Ways to Get More Leads

Explore five techniques for generating quality real estate leads.

Find the Right Real Estate Niche

A real estate niche makes you stand out from the crowd and can help you gain new business. This video explores tips for choosing the right niche for you.

Profitable Lead Generation

Not all lead sources are created equal. During this learning sprint, we explore possible lead sources and how to evaluate your ROI.

Handout: Lead Source ROI Spreadsheet

Value Exchange Mini-Mastermind

An excellent way for agents to build their prospect lists is to offer consumers valuable information in exchange for contact information. During this mini-mastermind, agents will leverage the wisdom in the room to identify topics and resources that would be of value to potential buyers and sellers. Later, agents can create valuable giveaways to exchange for email addresses or phone numbers.

Monthly Goal Setting

Setting goals regularly is linked to improved performance and success. Each month we guide agents through a quick exercise that helps them set and achieve a personal and professional goal.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers share their industry expertise, present new perspectives, and provide useful connections. In addition, a new voice offering instruction adds value to your meetings.

Potential Speakers

  • Title Company Representative
  • Lead Management System Sales Representative
  • Local business owner (think outside the box. What other occupations depend on generating leads, and how do they do it?)
  • One of your agents or staff
  • CE Course (watch for 1 hour CE classes – suitable for a workshop)

Potential Speaker Topics

  • How to incubate leads effectively and efficiently
  • How to create a marketing campaign with a blend of media touches ( tool, email, snail mail, phone)
  • Which lead generation companies provide the best value?
  • How to qualify leads

Spark Your Business

End your meetings on a positive note! Each month we suggest fun pop-bys and other creative ways to Spark Your Business and build brand awareness.

POP BY Easter - Always ready to help your PEEPS

Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023 (Pop By)

Always ready to help your PEEPS! Give past clients a gift bag with assorted colors of Peeps. Add a clever tag and insert your business card.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

PET REFERRAL POP BY TAGS - Printable Gift Tags

National Pet Day, April 11, 2023 (Pop By)

I am FUR-ever grateful for your referrals. Surprise your pet-loving SOI with a small gift bag with appropriate pet treats or toys. Add the tag to the outside and insert your business card.

Example tag available from Esty seller Front Porch Portraits. Use code SPARK20 for a 20% discount.

Watercolor painting landscape of archaeological site in the Taj Mahal view, with flowers garden in blue,yellow, orange sky and clouds background. Hand painted illustration beauty spring season.

National World Art Day, April 15, 2023 (Postcard Mailing)

Purchase postcards featuring famous or local artwork. On the back, consider writing something relevant, such as, “April 15 – World Art Day – Inspire Your Heart with Art” or “April 15 – World Art Day – Creativity is Contagious!” or “April 15 – World Art Day – We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents (Bob Ross).” Add your name and contact information. The goal is that the postcard is so beautiful that the recipient will save it, giving your marketing a longer shelf life.

Check out famous painting postcards on Zazzle for inspiration.

A Look Ahead

May: Listing Management

In May, we explore practical systems and techniques for effective listing management that instill confidence in sellers. In addition, we identify essential information to include in a dynamite listing presentation.

Sales Meetings