Sales meetings are essential to your company’s success.  To drive listings and sales, you need to connect with your team.  Here are seven benefits of consistent, relevant meetings:

  1. Build community: People are social by nature. Sales meetings bring your team together and allow for the development of meaningful relationships.
  2. Set your standard of excellence: Your agents represent your company in the marketplace. Sales meetings allow you to make sure your agents are up to date on significant industry trends and company guidelines.
  3. Motivate: To excel in sales, you need drive. Weekly meetings keep your agents in a growth mindset.
  4. Educate: Providing opportunities to learn and grow is one of the best ways to retain loyal agents. Sales meetings provide bite-sized learning opportunities that give agents what they want and need.
  5. Nurture your agents: Your leadership needs to consistently engage your agents to keep them on track, proactively identify problems, show you care, and build loyalty. Sales meetings offer another touchpoint.
  6. Re-recruit your agents: As independent contractors, agents choose where they hang their licenses. Weekly sales meetings are a reminder of your company’s value.  Furthermore, word travels and potential recruits may catch wind of what you offer.
  7. Network: Sales meetings are powerful networking events. Many times homes sell in-house before they even hit the market.  Agents can leverage this value in their listing presentations.

Providing regular, well-thought-out meetings your agents can depend on will increase attendance, make learning a habit, and enhance your company learning culture.  The old adage, “time is money,” rings true.  If you want your agents to invest their time at your meetings, you need to invest in the backend to ensure company offerings meet their needs and provide value.

Spark & Logic subscribers have the heavy lifting of weekly sales meeting creation done for them.  Each month subscribers receive the framework needed for extraordinary meetings:

  • Calendar that highlights what needs to be done and when.
  • Email templates for effective and consistent agent communication.
  • Readymade sales meeting agendas for both management and agents.
  • Readymade sales meeting PowerPoint presentations.
  • Relevant and practical 15-minute learning burst activities for meetings.
  • Monthly 30-minute workshops (videos, digital documents, and instructions).
  • Contest templates that make it easy to tie everything together, reward agents for their actions (not just sales), and provide opportunities for agent mentoring.

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